We updated today with some changes and additions already listed in the Worklog on the forums (though it's apparent not everyone reads it!) Give it a glance if you're curious what's been added since the last update on the 5th~, but if you're too lazy, I'll summarize; a new class (Detective), as well as several major changes to a few status effects.

My BYOND Membership is also starting on its last month today, and I doubt I'll be able to renew it myself. I don't use this blog much, so it's not a huge deal, but it will mean the host files for the games that have them up here will no longer be accessible. So, if no one renews it for me, I'd grab a hold of the files while you can because hosting them on the website probably isn't going to happen.

I can host them for you if you need it. I don't use my filespace for anything at the moment.

Good job with SL. I love the way you've done the bars to the right. Looks really nice, keep at it ;)
Host them on MediaFire, it's a helpful site for me. You just have to keep the links in one of your posts. Good luck getting a new membership, no one cared nuff' for me to buy me one either, but you're more important, so who knows. o_o
I can buy you a 3 year-term membership, if you just ask nicely. All it takes is a please and poof...I buy it for you.
That's very generous of you, and I'm not in a position to turn it down, so... Pretty please? :D
Yeah, Yeah. But, should I buy it for you, when your membership expires, or sometime this week, etc.
Your money, champ.
But, your choice.
In that case, there's 22 days left on this membership; any time between now and then would be allright with me.
Alright, In the meantime I'll be playing your games. >.>
Well if Mistick dont renew it i will :D
Sorry, But I've already committed.
uhh it's the 10th of feb and it's not online
Well, Mistick didn't really want to renew my membership if I didn't give him/her GM or something, so if Charlie or someone else could do it, that'd be awesome.
Nah. My internet got shutoff, and I got grounded for using all my money on my credit card by my parents. Don't just say that that's a fact, it's YOUR opinion, it's not accurate.
hmmmmmm i might renew it its etheir renewing ur membership or getting X-box live which one to choose!
Long time Devo, i say renew his Membership, he deserves that much outa all the kill games he's made on BYOND over the years, lol, well Devo, you need to work on that clunky zoids game, im a huge zoids fan and would love you see a good and popular one on BYOND
well well well... i guess your a member now
Congratz on gettin your membership renewed Devo, and thanks to whoever did it for him if it was not himself
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