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There have been a lot of changes in the newest version of Efencea. The first week of testing went not so well at first and with a few minor fixes progressed slightly better.

Efencea Stats

Player Statistics for January 5th through the 11th:

(A nice little week of testing.)

Line and Character Count of Source Files:
Total Lines: 3284
Total Characters: 91642

Zip size:

The GUI has been updated to incorporate many suggestions, mostly from ACWraith, thanks everyone.

(Lots of changes! ..and I just overwrote the old newGUI.png I had uploaded here.)

Lots of minor fixes.
Client-side savefiles to save options settings.
Some more sound options and new sounds.
Lumpophages and ROR units has swapped their speed with their level 2 versions.
Bombard towers are slightly stronger.
Rapid towers are slightly stronger.
Most units are slightly faster.
Normal towers are a little stronger.
Boss units have been toned down quite a bit.
There were other changes but I failed to keep an adequate change log. I'll do better next time.

What Is To Come
I'm still planning several large features for further updates and not necessarily in this order.
  • Online Rankings
  • Single Player
  • Hosting Options
    • Selectable maps
    • Adjustable settings (scalar values for wave points and boss ready percentage, single player mode or versus, ecettera)
  • More in depth and updated Help Files
Awesome, I was seriously waiting for this update :D

Love the new GUI.