Who else here is absolutely annoyed and disgusted with these stupid Acai Berry ads?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just open up some random website, or heck, even MSN Messenger, and see the "1 Flat Stomach Rule: Obey" ads and similar.


1. They like to put disgusting, distorted blobs of fat on the ads; one even made the fat jiggle!

2. They are all scams. This is nothing new, but it adds up.

3. They lead to fake "blogs". These stupid blogs are made to look like it wasn't an overpaid marketing executive who made them.

4. They are low quality. Again, nothing new, but ew.

5. They currently are spamming e-mail boxes worse than other pharmaceutical brands, which is silly considering there's no reason they should have to invest in spam.

6. The gif looped ads are made in a distracting, half-complete manner, so it draws your attention, and then loops over only the middle part, making obsessive-compulsives like myself want to rip their eyes out.

And the worse part....

7. They bought the advertising space of the entire freaking internet! Annoying scamming ad agencies are one thing when they show a little variety in their ad campaigns, but when the same stupid, disgusting ads are shown on every website (I can't even comprehend how many websites have this crap on it), all day long, every day, and then on MSN and other IMs, they've crossed the line. I seriously just want to see their buildings get pulverized with everybody inside.

I don't think any other ad campaign on the internet, ever, no matter how shady, has infuriated me as much as these ads.

Somebody needs to take them to court and slap an anti-trust lawsuit against them. Nobody can compete with them and they've abused their power far too long.


*casts magic missile on a box full of cute puppies*
I only saw one of those for the first time about half a hour ago. I had to disable my adblocker to download a file from "" and the site was loaded with those ads.
Hooray for ad block plus!
Maggeh wrote:
Hooray for ad block plus!

Thanks for reminding me of that! These ads have been plaguing my eyes for quite a while, and sometimes I forget how many add-ons to block things like them.
I haven't seen them, so my adblock rules must be taking care of that. Thank goodness.
Be careful with ads that seem to be placed across the entire interwebs, it may be indicative of adware injecting itself into webpages you view. It's happened to me before, and is pretty freaking annoying.

Also, don't try the snapple.
I don't see those. The ONLY ads I ever see are the ones targeted at college-aged guys. Yeah, THOSE.
Yes, I've been noticing these the past few days. They seemed to be the only ads that came up. Thank god I haven't run into an animated version yet.
OMG, not the puppies!

And I have NoScript and ABP, so I see no ads ever. Yay for me!
Seriously, what are you doing? Blowing up a box of puppies won't get rid of much anger. Take them out of the box one-by-one and chokeslam them or something. You might not even need the whole box~ It'll save you money. Money that you can save up to buy advertising space to stop their ads~