MIT OpenCourseWare is a branch of MIT's website that allows users to download course materials for classes that have already been given. I'm going through all of the MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science courses and they are really helpful.

The site provides a syllabus for the entire course, a listing of the reading materials assigned, lecture notes, the assignments, exams, and projects projects used during that particular class, study materials, and discussion groups (which is essentially a forum for the particular course).

For anyone looking to go to college for anything MIT has to offer, I strongly recommend looking into MIT OpenCourseWare. They're free and they're the next best thing to actually taking the course. You're really doing yourself a favor by going through what interests you. Even if you're not looking to go to college (or have already graduated), they're a nice refresher or way to learn about Computer Science (of course, without the degree, what you know means nothing).
Oh my god, exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you indeed.
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