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Heres The Info I Grabbed Off The Forum

For those who don't know what this game is, it's where Strategy gaming meets RPG gaming. Changing, the whole gaming platform. This game, is possibly going to be the most complex game to ever hit BYOND, of course; we'll need server's for it with fast speeds, and eventually we'll make it able for players to host their own games as well as play along side on the main servers. Okay, on with the game. The game has four civilizations:

- Rome
- Greece
- Egypt
- Persia

These civilization we're the four powers of the ancient world, they each have their own specific lifestyles, and military advantages. Each civilization starts off with one city, which starts off only with a center from there the civilization is built up by players and CPU's. Each civilization has a ruler or king, however an entire civilization can't just be easily controlled by one Ruler. He's going to need help, which is exactly why each ruler has a set of advisers, that he picks. The adviser jobs are as follows:

- Economic Adviser: Your job is to deal with the economics of the country: resources, development, happiness of the people.
- Military Adviser: Your job is to keep an eye on the military. Is it big enough? Is it up-to-date? How many are there? Keep an eye on your enemies, as well as barbarians they can threaten your city. Make sure the king is kept up-to-date with your progress.
- Religious Adviser: Your job is to help the king with the gods, which will benefit your country the most? Which gods should you praise more? Are certain gods displeased? Any Omens? Your job is important as any other, if not more.
- Foreign Adviser: Your job is to help the foreign democracy flow better. Try and make allies, make deals between allies, get support from all over. Also, trade is a great deal of your business as well as the economics. Don't let your people down!

These jobs are the main concerns to a civilization, and should be looked after carefully.