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So yeah. I guess we never actually posted or anything, but just what BYOND needs, another Production team?

Well I guess not so neccasairly. We're only here for the fun of coding, playing and making, not such as being successful. We would like to bring more people to BYOND though, if we actually could.

Anyways, it's just a first post. I'm sure we'll post more in the future.

~ Peacez'
Who are the members of that team ?
Andre-g1 wrote:
Who are the members of that team ?

Unfortunately, currently no one quite so yet except for;
Zack101 and DemonicK.
We so far just had people offering some help, at most.
You forgot about me, Kaio. ;-;
I'mma member.
What?I've been providing morale Support to Darkmoon Productions for over 50 years and I'm not mentioned T-T
i wana play nff its gone be up to nite or wat
nff isnt working!
I hope this production is gonna help byond with getting more players. ohh and NFF looks good.
Raikiri here w00t ilove nff been there from the very being Good luck with NFF.D and Zelda byond online