Can I save a full BYOND game in EXE? Without having to send the resources or anything? Just the Exe file?
go to dream maker and open the game you want to make into an exe...

click build and go down to make .exe

follow le instructions...


Yeah never mind... I forgot that what I was looking for I will have to wait for the flash player.
Here is a very useful application that can make an exe of your game. It even takes away the need of having byond installed on your pc at all.

DMB installer


Thats not the exe compiler. This is DMB exe compiler I guess this was taken down. I have it so I uploaded it now and posted it here
dmb2exe was taken down because it didn't work properly. dmb2installer is cleaner and easier to modify. also more user friendly. with a little bit of nsis know how it is fairly easy to turn the installer package into a standalone exe, i'll post more on that hopefully later.

also, if you are going to distribute dmb2exe, distribute the code files and resource files. I personally would not use those files you have there because it poses a security risk. I'm sure you are a nice person and all but there is always the chance it could be used maliciously when it is the dmb alone. this is because dmb2exe asks the user for permission to execute system commands and without seeing the code and knowing exactly what is being executed, you can place your pc in danger.
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Thanks for telling me. I removed the dmb2exe totally from donwload now and wont be posting it again
I have no idea what nsis is so that would interesting to know.
neither do i...

seems like this thread is way over mah head
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Ganing wrote:
I have no idea what nsis is so that would interesting to know.