If anyone here plays and enjoys playing Halo 2 on XBOX live, post you gamer tag and maybe we can all play together or somewhat...

xGBx GaNgsTa

If you think you good me and you can play some head to head and see who is better :)
I r being Lifehunter on Xblive 2!

My Gamertag
Hey I've played you Divine! Lol.

But yeah me and my brother share an account, so expect some confusion until you either A- make the distinction between icons or B- recognize the different voices :P


Shadow Phaton

and yes, theres a space in it. and yes its supposed to be Phantom but my idiotic brother screwed up and spelt it wrong xD
1/10 that wasn't me because it isn't my gamertag.
I make a new gamertag so my beautiful voice will annoy millions k?
You need to learn to stop spamming blogs...
Dude, you need to learn to stop bringing back old posts. :D
hi~i have a request for u..
im banned from zen..
please unban me...;;;

ny character name is Hello11


my byond key is Dennis11
i have requests for u..;;;

can u make me unban? plz..

im so sad without zen..

my characters' name is Hello11
my byond key is Dennis11

oh..also unban wnqjatn00, and wnqjatn0 plz..;;;
they banned too..
I r OnlyFish on xblive
I r MajinHellz on xbl. But I believe we've already played.
hi Kanak

Wenne go dragonball zen online ??

but is see you on zen bye!!

Holy Frodo
hey kanak its agenroe from byond

Asking a big favor and that unbanning me PLz I never did anything

just unban me
hey kanak im a fan of dbzzen but theres only 1 thing i dont like when people ask you for ssj or powerlevel, you dont give that to them and i think it would be cool you to grant some1 a wish 1 time a week and make a list, im going to play as super g and please give a few things,plz!!!!!!!!

-super g
my gamertag is DarkestTwin
ayoah kanak,

its Cypher_Rabid...known currently on zen as Cył

anywho the gamertag is (as if you couldnt guess)


and well...let the games begin...try to keep up eh?

mine is Peanut45,I dont play much halo2 anymore ever since my team on xbl quit on me,still though,if you good Il practice back up and maybe team up with you.
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