Dungeon Master

by Ginseng
Dungeon Master
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
Hello Community Godsring here, continued development on the remake is heavily underway and will include all the features you would expect from Dungeon Master. I know over the years there has been a lack of updates some of you may have thought the project was dead. I'm Here to tell you it is not. I will be continuing to work on dungeon master for the foreseeable future. Any and all contributions will always be welcome. Let us work together as a community to make dungeon master the best it can be!

  • Some of the key features are as follows, although try to keep in mind, that it's all very early work and subject to change and crippling bugs or glitches, along with possible exploits.
  • Fully automated A.I in the style of games which inspired this project, such as Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld, ect.
  • Directly or indirectly select, manage and control your species across a huge world and exploit the natural resources to create a flourishing empire.
  • Survival aspects, such as the need for your followers to eat, drink and sleep.
  • Open world gameplay, build anywhere you want, and anything you want and watch as your workers scurry about collecting the necessary resources to produce creations of your own design.
  • A deceptively simple combat system, featuring wrestling, grappling, weapon skills, weight, statistics, even wounds and limb loss.
  • Much improved controls over the original. The goal is to make the game entirely playable with only a mouse, clicking, dragging and generally directing the flow of the game via a few movements.
  • As of right now there are nine races in total all of which we will be keeping and there is a planned 10th race that will be added.
  • Later, expect to see even more variety, such as rare races which only spawn for one player, per server and can impact the game play immensely. Ancient Vampires, Mythic Demons, the Legion of the Unquiet Dead, to name but a few planned additions.
The game is a good game. Just isn't ever updated and has a few bad bugs.
\agree with above comment
meh, really good game.
its the best game out here becasue it has a lot of gameplay
This sourcecode is cool beans and I appreciate having a look at it. I'm wondering, though, if I were to do a little revamping, perhaps add a bit of NPC automation (something I've done before in my own projects) and a new GUI (this was released before the 4.0x skins were available) could I just hand it back to you for hosting? I'm not looking to steal your hard work or anything and I would like to honor any requests you have along these lines.
Since this game has no documentation and no in-game tutorial, and an awful interface, I can't really say whether it ever "gets good" because I couldn't figure out how to play it. And I don't really feel like I'm missing anything by never looking at it again.
Bfwissil wrote:
Since this game has no documentation and no in-game tutorial, and an awful interface, I can't really say whether it ever "gets good" because I couldn't figure out how to play it. And I don't really feel like I'm missing anything by never looking at it again.

Sadly, this is true. But wait until you see Ginseng's New Dungeon Master, because I think he finally has it right this time, and most of what you complain about in that comment has been fixed or is currently getting worked on by him. I'm sorry that when you tried this, your first impressions had to be only on the one or two mods hosted here, based off the original (and rather crappy) source code.
I've decided to change my New Version of Dungeon Master that I was working on, into a project named Kingdom. I've created a new hub for the game here - http://www.byond.com/games/Ginseng.Kingdom?tab=index
I just joined BYOND today, and it was my friend that persuaded me too. He also reccomended this game, but I want to know... How long till the next switch to play on a server?
Too easy to kill the NPC's on here. Killed a whole town and the Human Noble solo, all i had was a bone sword and bone armor. Only got hurt at the very last person, (one of the guards.)
Its a damn shame how this game has changed over the years. It went from Lizards Vs Orcs to Admin OPd Units Vs Admin OPd Units. Its really sad looking at how the quality of gameplay just plunged into darkness. It will enver be the same, like most games, the Admins truely ruined it.

The more recent Doctors Mod is probably the last hope for this game as nobody really cares about it any more. Sadly, the Host, Doctor, has his periods and faults. I was banned for finding two glitches that were in plain view that prevented me from leveling, but thats my fault correct? The Admins are fucking bat shit, exsept Ohm.

PS - Ginseng, if you read this, host again bro, weee neeeedd yoouuu.
i totally agree with Commander Cookies. If anything please start a server with fair gameplay instead of some OPd server were everyone just randomly kills others for no particular reason. Please someone listen to our suggestions. i also agree with Commander Cookies that the doctors mod may be are last hope... but i dont agree with Doctor being Cookies fault for doing so. You should atleast be thankful for his help Doctor!
Just a reminder, I've created another version of Dungeon Master from scratch and named it Kingdom. It's like old DM, but the icons have changed and there's the option of complete automation, just like Dwarf Fortress.

I've not been able to code it the last two weeks due to computer problems, but as soon as my computer is back from the shop I'll continue work.
Used to be good. Not worth it anymore. Waiting for Kingdom.
You know what would be nice? If the most recent comment on the game's page wasn't about how this game isn't worth it anymore. Oh hay, look at that.
Well the game play will get old after a while.
It honestly isn't that bad, because otherwise neither of you would still log in now and again. :P

Just requires a good bit of patience to play.
The game is fun. Naysayer's just die alot? Learn how to hide! I got killed alot when i started, then i learned how to hide.
This game is good.. not great, but good. It has a TON of potential, and the classic RPG and RTS elements that the game is based on mix fantastically well.

With a lot of fixing up, I think this game could be the best on BYOND.
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