Shinobi War Online

by Jeffrey1992
Finally.. A game thats diffrent then all the NNG rips!

A new Naruto game that is a fusion of 2 games, Naruto Unites Shinobis and Rise Of The Uchihas.

Jeffrey - Pixel Artist

Techno - Programmer

Anu - Head GM
Cancel - GM

A unique map made by Jeffrey1992 and Cedge on a 1000x1000 map thats mapped like the real Naruto World Map!

Awesome programming by Techno that make you feel like your a real shinobi fighting for youre village or for yourself!

Mission/NPCS- Interact with your NPC's to engage in missions with your team/squad! Or just fight off a NPC. Missions are from D to S!

Graphics- Almost all Original and Amazing Graphics made by Jeffrey1992!

Berlin2222 to start off with an awesome source!
Avainer1 for the cool hub design!
^o^ that's awesome I'm gonna play first chance i get ~Lucifer
I hope it's really ''original''. ~Scyrus123
When is the game going to be online?????
atm im working allone so im not sure.... i think im gonna put a version online this week with Leaf:Uchiha/Nara/Uzumaki/Hyuuga/Senju
The map is already added!!!

and ofcourse once that version is online.. their will be clan updates everyweek since many are already finished.
Can't wait, waiting patiently for the game to come up :)
lol Can't wait.
Okay how did you get the code for both of those games
It's what we call merging....
hell.... The game is Live but can't log on..... I think the problem after I tracked it is in Loulé, Portugal... I even don't know If I tracked it right, I used cmd and some tracking device.
Epic Game Come Log In and try it :P
Okay how did you get the code for both of those games

well.... i created NUS so thats 1... and Ryan made Rotu and we got together so thats 2 >_<
yasushy why ya so shy?
game off :/
game off? really?
No more SWO?
Wait goddamit xD, Its not "No more SWO" ... its just off for a couple of hours. so hold ur horses ..._Corv
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