They should really get more hosts because when i wanna get ain't on.
Yeah it hasnt been up much lately
The game is hosted as much as the host can its hard finding good hosts ... and again i want to remind people ZHUG(Cthulh) IS SUPERMAN :O
:p this game is so much fun the best on byond
Game is somewhat alright. Its fun but it gets repetitive and dull. The AI is nothing spectacular, but the game concepts and the indepthness make up for that. It has potential but at best its the Bleach version of Jinketsu.

Also I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my iconning services. I'm considered a pretty decent iconner by my friends and viewers on NFF (Naruto Final Fight), and donated quite a few icons to that game, and I think this game is deserving of some nice icons, and with nice icons it'd attract a lot more players.

Personally, I really want to redo the hollow icons. Maybe not from scratch, depending on preferences but at least shade them or refurbish them.
Hey Cthulh, I just wanna say this game is amazing. I sit here just waiting for a server I can jump on. I love how it's not a "MASH TRAIN AND WIN" Type of bleach game, you actually try and it grabs your attention. Secondly, I love the releases, the art, every aspect in and out. I think maybe some more shikai's and bankai's in the future but great game! Dont get discouraged!!!!
O.o i was looking for a good bleach game and i found this...All i have to say about this game is...ITS PURE OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I added this to the front page.

Temporary downtime due to host computer problems. No decisions yet for a new host, or how long the hiatus will be.
This downtime is being used as a chance to change some of the game mechanics. It may be a while.
I cant wait anylonger i played this game for over 3 or 4 years and i invite friends in byond to play this game any my friend in real life. lots of people is starting to give up on this game and i really do not wanna see low amount of people
I am starting to get sad <:'( i wanna play this game wait crying for this game i am loseing it!!
For all those who think the game is disappearing, now would be a good time to become part of the forum community where much of the development is sorted out.

Right now, there is an extended discussion about the new direction of Shinzui, what goals we should set and how we're going to better organize.

This project isn't dying out. It just needs time to recover properly.
Cthulh,how much time we have to wait for the new version?
Very important, please read.

First, to address MagnaRyuken's question.
For a large number of reasons, I have a policy of never putting a date on "v2". Essentially, because doing that would result in a rushed game, which no one wants. But I can confidently say it'll take quite a while, although I want something being hosted regularly before the end of this year.

More importantly, everyone should moveto the forums or at least bookmark it. There have been some HUB shutdowns due to copyright issues. This does NOT mean the games cannot be hosted & joined, merely that this page ( was removed for those games.
Shinzui was not included, and the majority of the 24 games appear to be DBZ games, but there was a warning for all fangames.

I have created a topic about this development, and invite everyone here to give feedback.

If nothing else, the chance of losing your connection to the game & it's future should be reason to join the forums.
PUT UP V1 so people can play while your working on v2 it wouldnt hurt to put up v1 because it takes 5 goddamn seconds!!! but regardless best bleach game one byond good job Cthulh :)
Uh, the whole point v1 is not up is because it's broken. Large lag upon character saving/loading & massive lag upon server start/reboot.
I narrowed down the causes of this, but it would require large re-writes of the structure.

I advise everyone to post on the forums, as I check them daily (almost never check this).
Starting this week the staff is having weekly meetings using a special chat system that will log all the conversations & notes, and we can show code & icons to each other. It will vastly help the coordination.
Ideally I'd like y'all to have something online to play with (maybe not complete at all) before the end of the summer. Having v2 going strong by the end of the year is one of my New Year's Resolutions.
cthulh is right. 2v is the only way to stop this madness... this is the chance of a life time! guys look do not be sad that game is gone. cthulh will do something so really nothing we can do. i know how all of you feel but all of you must under stand. so plz just wait for a year or so.
so, shinzui wont be on until next year? 2012?
it may have delay so people just wait for the waiting, talk to the people at the shinzui web. for more info of the game go to
so i heard shinzui v.2 will be up in summer sometime

This is the best game of bleach i have played. Good graphics, good Gms. When the game is back ?
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