I would like to have the first open testing started before the end of summer, yes.

The biggest obstacle is integrating an optimized pixel movement format. If that isn't done well, the limit on how many people could connect at once (without lag) would be very apparent. :/
i really pity this game being offline, please try your best to get back ^^ i wish you the best of luck.
email colecerminaro@ymail.com he will giveya the best host he loves bleach
The completion of Version 2 could take awhile, it won't return until then.
i can host for u all the time i keep my pc on at all times lol
and yes it does take a while for version 2 cuz my games are just startin to look like they might play
I'd like to once again remind people that up-to-date information can be found on the Forum.
When my life is busy I don't post there as much. But whenever I have progress to report, I do it there rather promptly.
and put the game hear yourself say I was going to put put it a year ago and I'm hoping the game
when game is back ? i want play.
I miss this game ...

Ugh D=
Red Tornado wrote:
I miss this game ...

Ugh D=

Yeah, I'm starting to feel empty without v1 ._. ehm and the people playing on it :]
have any date when the game back?
i want play. XD
Ive not seen a forum update for .. lets just say a long ass time.

So how do we even know if this game is still being updated ..
We do still talk on it and the game is still being updated. Zhg is just busy.
Um hey! Tido here (one of the gm's), we all understand your concern but the game is still under construction and let me assure you, it won't die. Also the owner does work on it (although he does not post about it every time) on his free time so please don't rush him if you want the game to be good. That is all =P
True . When is the UPDATE . Everybody said in 1 Yr like 8 months ago and 1 yr almost Passed . Shinzui need to be back :(
I miss you Shinzui... Tido how far has Zhug come in the last few months??
Okay guys I got bad news and a little good news. Bad news is that the game most likely won't come out this year and maybe even next year. Why? Well the owner (Zhug) is having a few personal problems and college problems too.

Zhug: Sadly, rather slow. :/ I've had a lot of stressful stuff happen all at once. I need to catch up on some class work before anything else right now. But I'm stubborn & want to make this.

The little bit of good news is that there is a current beta for v2.Its not good and there is no icons, but maybe and just maybe it could be released next year. (This part is just coming from me not from the owner/Zhug). Go sign up for the forums to keep up to date (I only check this once or twice a month).
It's totally understandable.
We will miss Shinzui so much.
Will it help if we sacrifice the devil? or maybe a goat?
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