Is V2 really gonna be worth playing? And at what month will it be done next year?
As a Christmas gift, I started hosting the old Veteran server files. Didn't do much of anything to them; just made sure it would run. Increased the exp mod and starting yen & sublevel points.

Plan to keep this hosted until I have stuff ready to demo for v2. Was trying to have demos ready by Christmas, but time did not allow that.
Love ya man
i love you owner lol
Why the game isnt online today? D:
Ranmura said something about taking it down for a bit. Unsure on details, likely something small & temporary. :)
so no big deal juh? ok i can wait :D
Im so fawcking freaky about this, Shinzui is back!

Hell YEA
I've been a player sense before shinzu shut down the first time and im also a 24/7 host. I was wondering if you'd like me to host. Ive been playing again and have noticed several lag spikes and several crash's. I'd be willing to host! love this game and i'd like to host till v2 comes out!
i need help to make a game
i need help whith the map and codeing and icons i tring to make it like shuzui but you can play it all day and night
Am i banned or something, or is the server down, cause connection fails all the time, but it says it's up on the hub
i think its a private testing server
they need to warm us about this crap >.>
And it's down again......
it up now
I want to join :(
How often does the server go down like this? Just my curiosity. The game is fun, and I can wait for it. But just wanted to know how long it will be down for.
why it fall down evertime i log in :(
is the server down?
I D/C'd it says theres 39 people on O_o
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