Hmmm... If you want I could host it on shell. So You'd get 24/7 host.
why its off :(
Ok, well, I logged into shinzui one day, and I couldn't macro... I dont know I think it might have something to do with my account, cause I can't macro on Any game. But, my other account (Dimetri) can, do any of you know the reason why? At first I thought it was the game.
o my fucking gosh ramura is abusive he edited himself to inf# bp and he just host banned me for no reson abusive
yea...mods aren't helpful at all you can tell who's edited like xyrie...that's why they talk shit about the game like nothing and supposely protect those who are low levels...
he banned me from yesterday and he says i was afk trainig all i was doing was fucking resting becuase some guy was atcking me for my mask and i ran to the deserts and was resting and he calls that afk trainig
Yea. You people claiming staff edit themselves and other people? There is no command in the game (in vet mode) that does anything like that, except for myself only. I'd remove it from myself as well, but I primarily use it to fix problems with people's characters.
Only TWO commands available to GMs give them some kind of power over their character. The ability to change all of someone's releases, and to change someone's class. But these alone a demi-god do not make.
Stats are legit.

Now, Ranmura has access to the saves. I can't (easily) stop him from editing them directly. But I know for a fact that Xyrie was vastly overpowered before Ranmura learned HOW to edit saves. He just trains that hardcore until he gets bored of it.

Staff can only change releases & class.
Only Zhug and Bane have Edit, and Bane is never online.
Ranmura has access to savefiles, thus has indirect edit.
Xyrie is legit.
hi, why it always say Connection Failed when that byond appears? i cant play this game, but i got bankai yesterday help i got my bankai and i wanna play with it!!! tell me how to make it work plz fast response
Thank You.
In response to Tetsuga20
Tetsuga20 wrote:
he banned me from yesterday and he says i was afk trainig all i was doing was fucking resting becuase some guy was atcking me for my mask and i ran to the deserts and was resting and he calls that afk trainig

Just don't play this game simple as that, what the point if abusive players with power exist?
this is bull ive been banned for almost a month now
Uhm.... Cthulh :\ I was actually wandering since the old version is gonna be stopped hosting if you were actually gonna release the source code?
hahaha Cthulh, the manga is turning interesting, if you know what I mean :)
I want it up, after all...... i really like the game, what happened to it? I dont really know what happened... lol i was busy on other games.
Anyone have any clue when this will be up? Just wondering. And does this game still need an iconner? It seems as if the hub hasn't been updated in a while and the forum's filled with applications.
o.O is there something wrong with the current server? i cant join it for some reason and i really want to work towards vizard D:
Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 493.1117)
Logging in...connected
Logged in as Tetsuga20.
Connecting to byond://
Banned by host:
AFK Training
Access denied.

when is it going to be up
The game will be up when it is put up. (It is currently up).

In response to Blastbomb7: No, the source will not be released.
no i mean ive been banned for almost 1and1/2 months now
@Source code topic:
Honestly, the code is rather messy. Albro1 can confirm this, as I've given him access for bug fixing purposes when I worry about new stuff. Nothing could be gained from releasing the source code except for allowing a multitude of rips to appear.

I either do not know or do not recall details on why you were banned, but your behavior here since then is reason enough for me to believe your ban should continue. Although an actual process for repeals/requests should exist, I would agree.

@Info on v2 stuff
Spent some time brainstorming the next important "engine" feature, the action tracker. Some games & IRL stress distracted me for a while, but back in the game. :)
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