Thanks YMI for the membership. Sorry I haven't really made use of it so far. Anyways here's whats been going on in the last little while:

Check out my new site for my Music:

I've been working hard here at U of Toronto, learning my Jazz minor Modes and Chords. I've seen tons of shows too. I love this place.

Gaming wise: As Malver and I Really don't do much in BYOND any more I've been working on some other projects. I've been drawing car sprites for a game for the Digiblast. Basically a gameboy/mp3player/movie thing for kids in Europe. There isn't a site for it in english so I had to use my french to read up on it.

Also I've been drawing things for Malver and my next project. It's gonna be sweet.

Splatty wants me to redo "Adopt A Splatty" But I don't have a mic or a guitar here. Just my Horn and Keyboard. So It'll have to wait for a bit.

Take Care. :D