Lol you really have no idea why the game has hardly any people right now do you? Learn the facts dude. People arent online or training because of the pwipe thats coming, training serves no point until after. Like I said, learn the facts lol just gotta say one thing...umadkid?
Child, I have no means in persuading you to grow a brain.
sounds to me like umadbro. Lol I love how you think calling me child is in some way insulting lol I am a kid at heart and damn proud of it
Well...I leave for 4 months because I was waiting for a new computer and all goes to hell?
Okay if anyone really dislikes Shad for any reason and you have any pride at all just ignore him when he trolls simple as that seconds of all aren't half of you extremely old friends get along and enjoy yourselves!
Apparently they have no pride?
SoE go boom? :O
-pats meth- yes child SOE go boom NOW GO TO BED :D
Zomg SqaureEnixlawlyer haxed Soda!
Child? Bitch please. You are obviously confused. It says my name is Meth not Shad :P
lol meth sorry i didnt mean child i mean Mr. I cant remember anything whatsoever ;D
/pats Its okay little one someday theyll descend ;)
Man I get a day off and the sites Hope it will be back up soon.
Oh yeah, when this site is up and running will the Pwipe be in effect? Just curious.
A sudden darkness fills the sky...
Dammit, I fell off the clouds, thanks ass
I haven't read through all the posts nor have I played for a while, but is there a chance that my favourite byond game will be hosted again?
Three spots for Katon basement
Woot got a Val kill in before the server went down this time XD
Is this still up and going ?
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