so... whos gonna tell me why on earth i'm banned i still have yet to find out =/
Don't worry, this game is dead. There shouldn't even be a server up anymore.
Sorry I am going to need a more updated version to host. Cause Dream Daemon keeps getting spammed with bugs and runners and says its usual that its shutting down cause of to many errors. I cant keep being around to bring it up. I think Mek said he had a more updated version. Once i get it though It will be back online.


Ah, well thanks for hosting for the time being... and offering to host if things get fixed. :)
Oh well yeah, thanks for hosting it, I still managed to get pretty far anyways XD
Hey Tet in the meantime can you host WOTM? <3
As a longtime fan of this game, I am saddened to see that it is no longer up. If at all possible, could I perhaps get the host files, that I may host the game for myself and others to play?

My e-mail is

I thank you for your time.
I can keep this hosted on one of my dedicated servers and provide shell access as well. It can also go on monitored crontab which will kill/restart the game auto if it freezes - unfortunately I've had to make my own script for this in the past because of the various dreamdeamon bugs.

I have been playing this game on and off for many years. While the game may be "dead", it still is fun to play even if done on a casual basis. My in game name is Oreld, a few of you know me.

You can reach me at

Everybody fell off the face of the earth O_o
Nah man, we're just all on our thieves. And we cast invis. At the same time.

Also, Thieves and Soldiers suck.

Mostly Soldiers.

lfg> ST & val fite will pay well
Any chance at the files for this game becoming public?
Compared to other byond games this is very well made even for how simple it is. It would be a tragedy for this game to disappear.
I love this game so much I'd run it just for myself to play.
For anyone who wants are Dragon Quest: Shadows of Erdrick 2 host files I had on my computer. I *THINK* they are the last version (2.09 + fixes?). This game does show on this hub.
man i really wish we could host SoE again. Would love to grind on some slimes again for a couple of hours. Game was fun while it lasted and the addition of second bonus dungeon was awesome.
I hear ya brother. I was just getting to OP all over vals face again too. WTS 1 Pilgrim, Got his val weapons his first kills ftmfw
Loss of SoE has made me play Everquest! - please help! LOL
Just wondeirng if SoE is ever gonna be back up?
I was just thinking about this game the other day - it's too bad that it isn't being hosted anymore - with so many people willing to host, why are we running into such a problem having it up? I definitely miss this game, and wish to see it back up. Hope to see you all on a server soon.
CASCADE HURR!! Not sure how many of you guys remember me from the old days, but WTF happened to this game?? I miss it so much :(
As many of us miss this game it seems like the last few times it was up, nobody played it anyways. As was the wishes of Lute, he did not want the game passed on beyond the people who he entrusted it to, and that is something that we can all respect. I miss the game, but as is with a lot of greats, it is past its time. Im trying to learn to code, so maybe someday there'll be another badass DW style game on byond again. Fuck copyrights. Theres always SoE2 to stop in and say hi on too!
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