Well then it certainly is a sad day. This was literally my first and last byond game I played and enjoyed a lot. I only joined byond for this game because I loved DW so much. Either way, you guys did a great job and I hope it will be run again some day.
I miss the good old SoE days.... *sigh*
Yeah lots of people are talking about how much they miss SOE1, the problem is however, that even the last 2 times it was up for a period of time, nobody really played. I do not blame them for giving up on it.
The only reason I wasn't playing towards the end the last time the server was up was because of a possible pwipe. I would have otherwise been going at it working for gear and imbues for my Ranger and Sage.

Other than that, I enjoyed every moment I spent playing this game. I have so many great memories playing this game.
I'd play, if not for myself, at least for the people if they ever came back. Oh well, like most good things on BYOND this game has run its course.
Byond has ran it's course. That is all.
The main problem that occurred was staffing drama which led to less people... then less interest. Then it stopped being hosted. Luckily, many are willing to host SoE2.
Ya, and I find it odd to be banned on my own game.
Ya. I log in and get access denied cuz I'm banned.
Thats fucked up dude.
Can you block the server on the hub? lol
Not a single server, but I can block all :P
awh lol. least theres one that you dont gotta worry bout bein banned from
:D though I shouldn't have to worry at all.
I check back on this game at least once a week to see if its back up, i miss it dearly, any recent news or talk of it coming back?
The original SoE1 is basically dead. Lack of interest left hosting it feel pointless. Also, after a failed experiment with hosting, only Dphoenix or Soda is allowed to host it now, should they choose to. Last I heard, Dphoenix is unable to do hosting at this time, so your best bet is to ask Soda what it would take to get him to host it again.
If I recall, people weren't playing towards the end (myself included) due to the stat change pwipe. Which is a shame, because I honestly wouldn't have minded starting over for it. Still, if the server ever does come back up someday, I'd be down for some SoE.
^ i completelly agreed it wasnt a lack of interest in the game anymore it was the fact that there was a huge change coming up for the game which would involve a wipe and it just wasnt worth us players going through the process of continueing our characters and farming drops if it was all going to get wiped anyway we werent loseing interest we were just waiting ever so patientlly for the wipe why work on somthing that is just going to disapear anyway I stronglly believe that if the game were to come back up over a period of a month or so the players would return cause guarenteed not many people would realize it was back up from the time it happened
*gives soda the finger*

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