by Abra
They are coming.......Defend yourself
Does anyone remember what the macros are for this game?
I figured out you use the arrow keys to move yourself around the map. Other than that, you just use the mouse to click on what type of attack you want to use.
Dead thread, I know, but why is Rushnut's version so sensitive with its hack detector? You basically can't play without it telling you that you're hacking if you multikey...
game is epic
Probably because when I programmed this I was like 13 and didn't know shit. Lol.
I've completely rebuilt Castle from the ground up, using the same art, sounds and damage numbers from the original, so it SHOULD play identically to the original, without ANY of the bugs, and a few neat updates!

Please give it a try, it's certainly an improvement over this version of the game, and if I could, I would replace this Hub with it, but alass, Abra is died.
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