Hey guys. I been learning UnityScript or better known as Javascript and just finished the online tutorials and feel like there is much more I could learn. So I checked out a couple of books and was wondering which one should I pick.

Option 1 : Book1 This book is made by the author of the tutorials I did and I think is good but might not be advanced enought.

Option 2 : Book2 Its an advanced book but not sure if its good since it could be too advanced for me

Option 3 : Book3 It seems good enough.

There is more books for Unity scripting languages but these 3 I think are the best. Please tell me which one you think is the best and link me to some other one if you think its better than any of these.
I faced the same problem with C++ and the answer is quite simple. You have an array of books as different levels, so buy one at each level you need and work your way through them.

I have "Sams Teach Yourself C++" to get me proficient and then I've got a book on professional C++ to bring me to a professional level.

Anyway, that's my thoughts.