Harry Potter: The Wizards ChroniclesŪ

by Ragnarok HGM
Harry Potter: The Wizards ChroniclesŪ
Immerse yourself in a world of Magic and Mayhem. Over 50 spells to learn, attend classes, eat in the Great Hall, shop in Hogsmaede, Duel and explore. The most advanced Harry Potter MMORPG on internet.

TWC: 2005-2012

As of October 2nd 2012, The Wizard's Chronicles has officially closed down. The official server was closed in 2008. It was carried on by Murrawhip with a spinoff server which was significantly updated and maintained until 2017.

All in all, TWC was born in 2005, it lasted seven amazing years. The game received several content contributions from the community, it had a wonderful community full of lively people that made friendships and memories that will last forever.

Ragnarok HGM, the creator of TWC, would like to thank everyone who made this game so special. The players, the community, the developers who contributed. Without any of these people, TWC would not be the staple of social gaming on BYOND.

RagnarokHGM - Creator, Developer
Murrawhip - Developer
Anderwolfe - Headmaster, Community Manager


Designed by RagnarokHGM The Wizards ChroniclesŪ

The Most Advanced Harry Potter MMORPG to hit the Internet.

Quotes from faithful members of the TWC Community:

AnDeRwOLFe: You have a successful game.
AnDeRwOLFe: One of the few on Byond
AnDeRwOLFe: One that I am proud of just to be associated with. - Ander GM

Long Live TWC! - Falckor

Without TWC..BYOND would be boring. - Dark GM

TWC is the best, man. - St.John Alderdice

I like to trick people into eating a bean that turns you into a mouse. ^^ - Corey

Linshon: The wizard chronicles isn't a game. It isn't a bunch of players and gm's. Its a family. I really want back into the TWC family. - Linshon

superspikey19: TWC = "The Wizards Chronicals" & TWC = "Totally Wicked Cool" - LilTimmy