Sigrogana Legend

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend
Multiplayer fantasy roleplaying. Only roleplayers need apply. (No longer updated.)
* mental breakdown *
The pic next to the title looks like Squall Leonheart (kinda)
Thought dev said he fixed forum signup -_- , and lets hope it was something minor and easy to fix this time...
anyone know why we are down again?
Maraudian wrote:
anyone know why we are down again?

I'd like to know too... :/ hope it's up soon enough...

Edit: Byond keeps saying Sigrogana is live, join, blah blah, and really isn't... T-T
Yo, when is the damn game coming back up?
I really am bored >_>

And mara
I broke my hand! :(
'tis spelled Favorite. Is english you're first language? ... Or are you too young?

Either way, yes, it's a good game.
Please do not make senseless comments. Thank you.
it looks like a good game i just don't know how to play RP games
z.z I believe "Is English your first language" would be more grammatically correct. Is English YOUR first language or are you just too young? >;P
Devourer of Souls,for some reason i was playing Sigrogana Legend,and it said that i lost connection in an inn. Then,when i logged back in to the game,it said i was banned. I did not do anything D: plz tell me whats wrong!
A cool game but it's kinda weird when i got to level 6 i stopped earning money
its a rp game , sure monsters drop money too , but regardless to your level its easy to get a job or such to provide you with all the money you would ever need.

Rules- index.php?title=Server_Rules
Unban requests - forumdisplay.php?23-Unban-Requests
This game really is a RP-fan's dream. I love the character/class customization and how it effects overall RP ability. I remember first playing it a year ago, and needless to say little has changed in terms of the amount of RP, yet aside from occasional downtime the servers are reliably stable and fun :D
Great game, although people that are new to RP tend to get shunned. (Sad but true)
Yes, it really sucks. It needs to be a more friendly environment. The game should also support and encourage more evil characters.
Just a few things that should be said so people don't have a first-glance guess on the community.

The community already encourages evil characters themself, but the psychology and how high you need to reach in the RPG aspect of the game makes it near-impossible. Getting to the max level takes a ton of patience, and I'm not kidding.

If you think a villain is a just a person who kills everyone in sight, you're wrong.

There are also several other characters that have reached high standards in the RPG portion, mostly ones that are the 'good guys'. If they see just 1 guy being a villain, 234398 good guys jump them.

Think to yourself, are you willing to make a character who is able to beat down most of the people, and sacrifice the time you put into that character in the end? What is needed to make a good villain, without being jumped?


As for those who are new to RP, there are people who listen to our advice.

Even so, there are also other people who don't care what we say, then act hostile towards us; causing either a boot or at the worst case scenario, a ban.

It's not that we actively shun people who are new to RP, it's just how people don't listen.


Villains really are encouraged believe it or not, but are you doing it right?

There are some who listen.

And there are some who don't listen to our advice and sometimes become hostile, so we tend to try to get rid of those jerks.

*We referring to the community as a whole.

Oh, and uh, sorry for the wall, if anyone cared.
This clears little to nothing up. I've played the game on and off for years. Everytime I come back I try to Roleplay different than the norm. Everyone that THINKS they can roleplay mostly just sit around and mingle. It's like some sort of avatar chatting game. Another thing I've noticed is that alot of nice elements to the game are being taken out. Transformations are gone, the darkness effect on characters is gone(which has rendered certain character perks useless. I think the game is actually gettin worse. Evil characters are non-existent and potential evil characters wouldn't stand a chance in this game. There seems to be one even flow to this game that everyone follows. I would love to see more of the roleplay elements return but I doubt it will happen.
I love this game.
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