Sigrogana Legend

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend
Multiplayer fantasy roleplaying. Only roleplayers need apply. (No longer updated.)
I agree with this lad too, This is a good game , in fact I think it the epic game in the multiverse:D
This game is awesome. Easily the best RP oriented game on all of byond. (Yes, better than RP unlimited)
Agree RPunlimted sucks eggs a lot
i can't get onto the game. i have a charictor but every time i try the game dosent load
really hehe guess this will serve them right for banning me for i got banned when a stated a little fact on them of a small flaw of when people attack random players and since they didnt like what i said they banned me which all this started people getting trouble of getting on the game and ironicly afew innocent people who were going to play this game got banned along with me this could of avoided if they didnt banned me in the first place
....So, just because your idea of being invincible didn't work out, you state an intent to get 'vengeance'.

I'd come up with some lecture on this, but the sheer amount of questionable grief makes my tongue dry. Have fun being butthurt, I guess.
Jaster2 wrote:
a run on paragraph

I can't understand what you're saying.

You mean you've been banned for something you did not deserve?

Plenty of people used that excuse.

The GM's here are not idiots. They ban for a reason.
"but they really do ban for a reason"

Do I have to repeat that?

Oh wait, you're trying to dissuade others to not play the game just because /you got the proper punishment/?
how do i play it says somthing about a bug or somthing when i pick begin game
let me put it in simple version you know that people roleplay that they never met them when the player dies well i told them at the ooc chat as qoute "what would happen if someone roleplayed out of it" unqoute and they jump to conclusions and banned me just like that and i was bluffing on the banning others with me bit
I seem to be having a little trouble, even when I have a very good internet connection the game freezes and I can't even get past the character creation.
man i hope they unban me for i promised that if they did ill delete my character that i worked hard of its progress and start a clean slate in it as a sign that that i hope they will understand
Remember, remember. The fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason. Why the gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot.
err it converted my old save file since i havent played in a LONG time to new but when i click log in it says the same thing "you seem to be stricken with a bug that turned you into a monster" blah blah blah, help?
err wtf i just got banned all i did was grope <.<
if you grope someone then obviously you're getting banned

sorry for being innapropriate, also ive been banned for 3 days now for just typing that?
when you say groping do you mean complaining or do you mean sexually assaulting someone

in my opinion, be it sexual, i think you wont get unbanned until you apply in the forums

if its complaining then that's probably not why you were banned
no no no, it was just for fun because my character was a girl the other was a girl i said that and then i was going to omit but then i got banned i didnt know i would.
My character has been turned into a monster by the winds of fate, and so I suppose this is farewell to a most excellent game. May the ghost of my character bring interesting adventures to you all.
Hey Secxs. That isn't a permanent problem. Just hang around until the reboot occurs if you ever manage to find time to AFK or something.

It should fix the problem.
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