Sigrogana Legend

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend
Multiplayer fantasy roleplaying. Only roleplayers need apply. (No longer updated.)
Done. Problem fixed. Really appreciate the tip, thank you.
I have a problem.. i cant get on SL i get the loading bar ( the blue one) but it suddenly dissapear and then nothing no SL server nothing is this a bug or something who can tell me ?
I am having the same problem that RagnosTheHawk is having. Can anyone please help.
Nice Game
Have you tried opening the game multiple times after that? Because I get the same issue, kind of, and reopening the game once or twice afterwards works.
Game is awesome, but these laggs ingame are annoying as hell. Would be good if this game changed host or something...
I seem to be hanging at the "Connecting to..." splash. I've restarted my computer, downgraded to earlier versions of BYOND, cleared my cache, and even tried logging in under a separate profile and a guest account. Nothing seems to be allowing me to connect to the game.

EDIT: After totally clearing my BYOND cache as well, it re-downloads resources and then gives me a similar error like RagnosTheHawk and Kyro Wolf. I've repeatedly opened the game again and left it at "Connecting to..." for several minutes, and nothing seems to be working. This is really pissing me off.
lol well the first page is nothing but who posted XD well im post # 129 O.O
I love this game. I love it. I love it.

Play it. Play it now.

I'll just wait for the comments to explode from the sudden disconnecting..
Say( .... did host trip over the power cord? ={ i wanna keep playing T.T)

0-0 i just typed say out of pure habit
Dammit! I still wanted to RP! goddamn you karma! YUNO LEAVE ME ALONE?! *Rage*
why am i failing to connect?
So, since the last few comments have been complaints about connection (The server reboots every six hours, just so you know), disturbing madness mantras, and chatter, I thought I might make a real comment/review thingy.

SL is, personally, one of the best RP experiences I've ever had. It's had its downs, but it has also had plenty of ups. The community can be fun, and there are some great writers in it, and the gameplay itself is quite good, though like all MMOs the balance of balance is constantly shifting.

I would definitely recommend it, if you can write a good, original character and keep it consistent, if you enjoy fantasy settings with a wide variety of influences (From Code Geass to Lovecraft, even), and if you enjoy beating up sad blue jelly monsters for fun and profit.
Dear devourer. I donated 20 dollars on july 1st, sometime between 10:30 and midnight if I remember correctly. It has been awhile, and I hope I'm not being rude but, when will I get my orbs?
Are you sure it took? I didn't receive an e-mail, and checking my payment history in Paypal doesn't show it. Check your Paypal for any irregularities. You can PM me/post here if you have any other issues. I usually make sure to give orbs within 24 hours, so if that's ever the case, check your Paypal for issues, and if it's all sorted out, you can feel free to message me.
Well, I asked my aunt (the person whom paid the 20 dollars :X) and she said the 20 dollars that were sent weren't on her card after she did it. Any idea what could have happenned? Is it possible that you received it and it did not alert you, or that the money somehow got lost?
ae galera por favor acessem esse site e de animes agradešo muito.obrigado
The lag this game has is so sever it's not worth playing...
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