Duel Monsters Expert

by Devourer Of Souls
Duel Monsters Expert
An online, manual version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG.
wtf dude don't spam, besides, the server issue is out of their control
Its a nice server :D
the game in loger will not load ... pls somebody help -.-
Wow, I'm kinda shocked at how big of pussies people were a couple years ago. off topic anyone know if Eureka 7 Ao's manga is biweekly, monthly, or what?
I was wondering how do you play against a friend using banned cards? Is there a traditional format?? We want to mess around with some anime cards. But many, like Surprise Attack from the Darkness, are. banned xc
why i get banned from game!i didnt do anything told me why?
i get banned too....iam dark_salamender fren..i dont get it why i was banned too...tell me why?i didnt do anything
why i can't play?
Yo,can you guy's unban me please?Im tired of getting banned this is my 2nd time i was banned.And why was i even banned?The only shiz i did was telling fact to Slinky.What a puss,he reported to Dev.ROFLMAO.Slinky you'r a real pussy.Go get laid.
You're trying to get unbanned by being rude & using vulgar language? BRILLIANT IDEA! Next you could try shoving your tongue into an electrical socket for your newest "brilliant idea." @Munsi
Okay i have to admit,what i typed down on tuesday was imature.I was just in a bad mood that's all.That's not an excuse,i have no reason to put the anger on you guy's sorry.But can you please unban me??That's the only thing im wishing for.A unban please.Thank you for reading....i hope. :)
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Okay,Matt,that was pretty agressive of me to offensive attack Slinky in the ''comments'' here.Im sorry but,sometimes i can't get along with him that's all.I might be annoying,but if i ask a few questions to him he just comes up with an insult.But that's just Slinky don't blaime him.He may be a douche,but sometimes he is also nice.I was just asking to get unbanned,it's up to the admins,and Slinky i guess.I don't want to force you guys.Buy,thank you for reading.Hope you respond on this.Peace out!
cant play
why not
1- I is not Matt.
2- I sincerely doubt many more than me actually comes into the comment section more than once.
3- there is an appeal section to try to get unbanned in forum .-.
y u people no check forum?
http://www.neus-projects.net/ forumdisplay.php?23-Unban-Requests
In response to Tonnis
Tonnis wrote:
this is whats upp. the servers are down all the time so we cant play this REALY nice and funny game!

This game is a funny game? I guess when people RQ when losing is funny.
i really want to playthis game.... T.T
this is honestly the best game i have ever played. If you ever have trouble hosting, could i have the host files?
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