Dawn of Chaos

by Vanitys_Blood_Harvest
Dawn of Chaos
A world in chaos
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At the break of dawn, the planets aligned bringing about the Apocalypse. Now humanity is locked in a desperate struggle to fight back the legions of hell, and free a world in chaos..

Host Files:
Coming soon.
Map Maker:
Coming soon

Total of 16 Dawn of Chaos characters to choose from, more possibly on the way.
Total of 27 bonus characters to choose from.
18+ Special characters to earn and many more bonuses.

My friend Bunny for putting up with it, and being here for me, inspiration, the will to carry on.
Ultimately Darker Emerald for inspiration and REO2 source.
Romansukoji for testing and suggestions, being an amazing guy.
Xelu for being here for me, and helping pick up my pace, also coding and mapping.
ResidentSal for the forum, pictures and mapping.
Meandog for testing.
Funkyman for iconing.
Gh0sTplayr for also iconing.
Kozuma3 for helping me fix a major issue.
Chao2262 for being a really great inspiration and the best friend ever found also
anyone who has played REO1 and REO2 with me.

Dawn of Chaos Title,codes,icons,and maps Vanity's Entertainment

Capcom owns all rights to Resident Evil.
Notification to all players, my internet connection is buggy, will continue to host DoC 24/7 but you may experience, connection loss and lag, feel free however to host your own server if you believe you have a better connection. Just because my server is always up does not mean it is the best.
a question, i download the files and i create my map, but i dont know where i need put the map... on the .txt is writing ''...inside your host file folder...'' but i dont know where is it
You put the map you made that you want in game, in the custom map folder, then place the custom map folder int the host file folder and start the game.
Maybe you think im an asshole but... Vanitys_Blood_Harvest.DawnofChaos is the host file folder?// and... the map file is .dmm or .dmn ?
The folder that you should be putting your maps is called "custom_maps" and is located in your "DoC Map Maker" folder.
The "DoC Map Maker" folder is located in the "DoC%20Map%20Maker.zip" file that is available for download on this main page.
Just to add on, we are always glad to help those who have trouble with various things like this particular problem.
Oh, and as a side note, It'd be best if you moved the downloaded files to your desktop to avoid Administrator issues.
InTheEndLinkinPark wrote:
Maybe you think im an asshole but... Vanitys_Blood_Harvest.DawnofChaos is the host file folder?// and... the map file is .dmm or .dmn ?

When you download the files, there are two, Host files, Map Maker, you downloaded the map maker, go above that download the host files, extract to where ever, take "custom_map" folder form map maker, place inside the extracted host file folder, open server. Your map should be a .dmp to make it readable, if this doesn't help i don't understand what you're trying to say.
OMG thanks you so much. Now i can play it :') both are the best really... thanks :')
how come host files dont work
Plz Can Any One Host This Game . Today I Am Going To Start Make Map For This Game . If Any Replay Plz Reply Here .... :)
( Vanitys_Blood_Harvest ) you here .
Im trying to host but it cled o.o
hey and the mapmaker download?
.-. y am i host banned?
anyone know where I can get the host files for this game