Hey everyone. I realize that CoV has been neglected as of late; it's kind of been homework crunch time for me. The good news is that crunch time (and indeed, homework) is just about over for the semester.

The bad news is that I think CoV needs a rewrite.

I started the project in a boredom-induced fit of feverish code-fiddling, which is not exactly the best way to produce a robust platform for development. It's led to a lot of bugs and headaches and would only lead to more. Now that I've got a firmer idea of what I want, it's time to go back and design it as something a bit less haphazardly constructed.

Besides which, sorting out the current AI problems would require going back over significant portions of the code anyhow.

But fear not, Champions fans (all 3 or 4 of you)! Things should go much smoother this time around now that I've got more planning in place. You should still be seeing an improved, more fully-featured game by Christmas (of this year, even!). In the meantime, I will try to do a better job keeping the server up, but don't expect any bugfixes.
Please, dont get rid of it! Make a part 2! xD
Evil Leftley, tricking me with my own metadata. :P

I hope your second time around goes smoother. By the way... do you plan to add that uber-weak regular guy class I was telling you about?


Oh, okay.
Yey. =)
Sweet :)

But I do have to say, I am dissipointed at the notion of no Rocky and Bullwinkle game :'(
Cool, I think this would be the first time I have seen a game for BYOND re-written for effeciency instead of simply being abandoned.
What, really? I think for most of my projects I usually end up doing both simultaneously.

And I too am sorry that there will be no Rocky & Bullwinkle/Kid Icarus crossover fangame in the future. I was gonna do it for real, but then God spoke to me and asked me to drop it so that there would be something really good left when people got to heaven.
aww... there's another free server space for you if you use it for the R&B game (hint hint).