Robo Rally

by GauHelldragon
Robo Rally
Extreme Robot Racing
Get ready to boot up the Robo Rally robot racing game! Each turn, youíll draw random Program cards, each featuring an instruction for the movement of your robot. Secretly choose five of those cards to plan out your robotís moves across a perilous course with the goal of being the first to touch all the flags in order.

Getting to the flags isnít always easy, though, because youíll execute your secret moves at the same time as all the other players. Robots will get in each otherís way, push each other off course, and shoot each other with lasers. Sometimes the biggest challenge is just surviving!

An adaption of the RoboRally Board Game by Avalon Hill

Update History

Version 1.0

Version 1.2
- Added AI bots.
- Fixed numerous bugs

Version 1.3
- Added some new bot icons
- Updated AI

Version 1.4
- Added some lovely new sound FX courtesy of
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