by Asha_LaPoe
A Completely Original Fantasy RPG

Explore the Fantasy world of Everland!
Improve skills like Skinning, Fishing and Mining.
Complete Quests, learn powerful spells, collect rare mounts,
built strong armor and impressive weapons.
Your adventure awaits!

Everland Member Benefits
- Multiple Save Slots
- 2 New Races
- Guild Creation
- Special Potions & Clothing for sale
- Special Mounts for sale

Staff of Everland
Asha_LaPoe - Owner, Iconner
Xeonex - Iconner

Past Contributors
Mister Avourlace
Northern Rabbit
Miran M
Evi of au

This game looks fucking great. Its like, a real game!
Very neat. ^_^ I'm looking forward to seeing this game progress.
game looks sick wow
This game is pretty good, wonder why there's note more players
For a new game your game is awesome - I plan to play it often.
best game like ever made on the byond engine...
WTF? Why is nobody on this? This game looks excellent?
This game really was a huge surprise, Well done for what you have done so far, It looks very good, seems to be a real Rpg.

I've added the game to my banner list on my Byond blog (if that means much to you or not) but i whole heartedly support this game, it's brilliant.
This should be on BYOND and Within.
Why is this game overlooked? It has massive potential!
Branks wrote:
Why is this game overlooked? It has massive potential!

I second this.
Shall this Byoparazzi report this game to the BYONDcast?
The Major professions are Blacksmith, Tailor, Leatherworker and Jeweler. If you learn a new one you will forget your previous one, yes.
The Alchemy profession is a feature we have been building and will be added to this list sometime in the future.
Fishing and Cooking are not considered Major professions.
I will look into making a free book in-game to give the basics as to when you can use better ore, cloth, jewels and leather.
This game needs to be featured! It's original and could be BYOND's MORPG!
i'd say this is one of those games where "Nobody plays it BECAUSE nobody plays it"

of course, once you go into a public release i would expect the game to be featured, which will greatly increase the number of people that check out the game

haha what am i saying you guys seem to know what you're doing lol rock on
Yut Put wrote:
i'd say this is one of those games where "Nobody plays it BECAUSE nobody plays it"

That's exactly right :P
Thanks, that gave me more incentive to play and to Yut Put, yeah.. it's either because nobody else plays it or because most of the people on Byond look for games that they can instantly become level 1 gazillion. This game has (to me anyway) an INCREDIBLY slow levelling rate and gold is taking me forever to get but they both intertwine with eachother so it's easy enough to do. I'm a priest so I dunno if that has something to do with it but the strategy I use, considering that mana is an extremely slow regain and you can't spam use it this early in the game with a class that relies on it without potions or something, is to just keep beating the rats/spiders with my staff and then just spam heal. It's not hard.. it's just tedious. I'm pretty sure this should be on the forums but, oh well...
I'll take this into consideration and look at dialing up exp, mana regen, and maybe lowering exp per level.

My question is this; How long do you want it to take to gain a level? How many enemies do you think it should take? Given there are only 20 levels to the entire game, how long do you want it to take to gain 20 levels and, arguably, conquer the game?
DO the quests stupid. The leveling rate is fine
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