There's nothing more fun than wandering around a dark smelly dungeon with some of your pals!

Looks fun! The more roguelikes, the better!
You're lucky, you can icon!
Looks great Malvie! I'll be sure to tryi it, just reminds me! :)
Hell Ramen: All kudos go to Unowuero for the graphics. He's got some serious skill in the realm of graphics! :)
Heh. Thanks Malver. I'm working on it. I'd draw like crap if it wasn't for your Bizlof war 1,2 Clash and all the others! :P Luckly I'm improving!
Nice. Very nice. How long do we get to wait for what looks to be the first BROGUE game?
We'll we're both alittle busy (like everyone) with exams and such but we might have a demo in a few weeks. :D Who knows.
That would be great! I am sure it will be very popular.

On a related note, if you are having trouble with the graphics, their is an extensive freeware set of tiles for items, mobs, and turfs availible. Foomer ported some and posetd a link to the rest here: .
Thanks. :D I'm aware of Foomer's work. We'll be fine with out them. :D When ever we do a game every single piece of art needs to be original or it has in the past 5 years we've worked togethor. :D So thanks anyways. :D
So this is the Rogue game you were talking about Uno? Looks neat. Mine will prevail though! (Well, not matter, as long as I'll get to play more dungeon crawling games!)