Well, somebody anonymously donated to me a membership. Not sure why they would want to, but thanks!

So what do I post about? Might as well show off my new monitor setup as of yesterday:

Dual 23" Dell monitors, along with a new dual DVI output NVidia card. Woot! They barely fit on my desk.
I'm so jealous :(
You have dual monitors and yet someone paid for your membership. Nice.
Looks awesome man!
Cool! Glad to see you haven't forgotten about us yet.
Hey Kunark I love your game Fate ... I would love it if you could set more days or longer ones ... will u continue on that game?

Is there possibility to turn fully equipped recruits completely off?
You jerk! Give me those monitors before things have to get dirty! *sob*
Gonna say the one thing everyone wanted to but didnt.

Nga you got a lot of shit on your desktop. S'like 30 files meng.
Haha that's actually a clean desktop for me. Files flood over to the second monitor about once every 2 months, in which I then have to clean it up a bit.

Once I got these monitors it gives me much more real estate though so it's not as big of a problem :)