I'm going to Disney World in Orlando Florida today at around 2 PM, EST. Anyone who's been there before have any AMAZING suggestions for things to do?

Because I'm afraid I won't be able to find anything to do in Disney.

Not really. I just want to make you guys feel important.

I've been to DW tons of times (because I live really close to it, only an hour trip or so.) basicly, go on the Back to the Future ride, it's the best!

Also they have a bunch of malls around there if you want to shop.
(Watch out for cheap items, someone might be trying to rip you off!)

Even though DW's prices are off the roof, I would suggest buying one thing as a momento.
My only suggestion for finding something to do there is to shop. Nothing that really excited me all that much.
Isn't back to the future in Universal Studios?
Two words: Inflatable Jumphouse
Beware the "Mascots" My friends got hauled in by them while in a hotel. The spotted them outside the room through the peephole thinkin there was a birthday party going on or something. The stopped at his door then dropped the costumes and the bright and shiny DWPD badges showed...

All them "Mascots" are Disney World Police so don't go kickin them in the ass when you get there ;-)
I hear that if you break open the head of that gigantic walking Mickey Mouse, gold pops out.