by SilkWizard
Battle for domination in a fantasy realm
You can host and play the full version of Proelium WITHOUT a subscription. For the one-time purchase of $5, a subscription allows access to five extra character classes and a custom map editor.

Proelium Rules | Game FAQ | Map Editor
Need the game hosted? Well it is going to be running on my Shell Server Enjoy it :D
I'm so gonna kick your butts today...
You're going down!
Can anyone host this game? is now hosting this game enjoy
Anyone thats good want to challenge the king?
I really do miss this game!
This game was awesome back in the day.
Will anyone actually play this if I put a server up?
pleasee make a server miss the gamee
To answer Ninja Slayer's question: No. No one will actually play if you put a server up. Apparently.
Here are the host files to the old Proelium, for anyone interested:
Damn I wish I could play this I cant can someone please email me
I can host whenever now. Just hit me up
In response to GITS-Motoko
You can reach me at I don't have a byond membership.
Mouse hosted some today. I didn't catch anyone on, but I'll be on the lookout.
Hosting a dedicated server. Please leave your email in the comments or email me so we can organize a playing time.