RPG Starter

by Falacy
An Open Source Demo/Game with everything you'll need to get started on your very own BYOND Game!

Download RPG Starter Here

Download Equipment Demo Here

You'll need BYOND 4.0 to best use these files
You'll need to unzip these files before opening them with BYOND

Tutorial Series

open the open the game please
For some reason when you click the "RPG STARTER CLICK HERE" The second screen doesn't load.
Works for me
Well you fixed the file that's why ;) or wait...It doesn't work when I try to use it...

Are you sure what's on the Overview is the same as what you're hosting?
Best Automated Duel System Ive Seen :D
Automated duel system?
needs a turn based ATB system
Many comments were very useful for helping me improve my code
Could use a Quest System :)