Amen this is my fav game
This game was updated? Damn if only I had the host files for it, it got lost on my 98 computer XD
this game really needs to come back, its what I remember BYOND for.
Anybody got the Host files... i really miss this game if somebody does plz host or... give me host files ;3.
I just so happen to have my old host files and a shell server with plenty of space on it :P i forgot about this game
Speaking of which. You know this game was an early inspiration for me to start making games and what not and i would love to make a game that not only pays homage to this one, but gives the community even more now that I am pretty good at programming. If anybody out there is a pixel artist that wants to make an original rpg thats simple, yet fun (much like this one) Add me on pager or drop a line here.
BTW guys it appears like the host files for this game wont work anymore with the new byond. it seems like some of the changes they made screwed with the map cause you can walk through walls and have strange stuff happen (regardless of dream seeker or daemon) So this game is pretty much dead beyond revival
Anyone got Host Files lemmie cop.
host files are up again
Host files should work again, delete your player saves.
Really glad to hear from you again :) still my favourite game on Byond.
This game shouldn't be hosted if there aren't going to be enforcers or administration hired/on duty. It's a little frustrating when Damon 2 runs around using Warp to safe zone abuse and kill people with dagger spam. Too much gold lost and defeats the purpose of safe zones as well as a proper gaming environment.
The game needs a few simple fixes, I've found a lot of loop holes everywhere. :(
Im hosting again ill do it for a month. Hendrix if your up too it I'd like to get back in touch with you again and work to better this game with you or to maybe use it as a template to a new BOE game. I have a lot of enthusamum to work on this again. Glade to see you again Hendrix or Camo.
i can host 24/7
i am curious how i can get in contact with you, i am currently interested in doing some work on the game, code and graphic wise with your permission of course!
Well the problem about that is, they lost the source a long time ago, they started another rpg instead but that never managed to reach completion, and now it's been years since they have worked on any games, though they do check back to see if the host files are active from time to time.
This game is brilliant, but wont be improved or worked on any longer, the best we can do is make a game similar and continue to add more and make it better.
Teka would you like to Team up and make a updated and improved version. I have a lot that I want to try and add to this game, and also work on an new entrepreneur type system that could benefit byond.

Inbox me if your interested im curious to see what you have to say as a Long time byond supporter Hendrix and Camo, and even your games.
Matt i am wondering if its possible for me to get the hosting files that you have? for some reason the one posted on the hub doesn't have the magic snakes...
Enter won't work on the first screen for me.
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