Celestial Chaos 2

by Falacy
Celestial Chaos 2
Classic turn based RPG with an actual story (Unfinished)
This game is unfinished, and will most likely remain that way forever.

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This is a game with HUGE potential. I suggest you work on it.
I notice how no one wants to host this game until I start hosting it
dude finish the game because its a great game
amazin game
I visited your jail. >.>
lol, i wish this game was finished :P
Wish someone could host this game.
Dude your probably will say no and possibly mad at me but can i PLEASE have the scripts to the game its to good of a game to keep it left unfinished and i was hoping i could script it using my little knowledge that i have with scripting to finish it fix bugs and learn from the previous scripts please even if you dont want me to reply thanks
When do i craft and enchant email me the answer at crouchnoah4@gmail.com
i agree i love this fu*king game man im at the end on this part i want this da*n game done soon so i can train and beat the game fully. ive only been playing the game for 2 days im lvl 37 come on do it. Add more classes give me my sub skills you promised man. i would rate just 4 now 10 of 10.
Problem with this game is it's not finished, whenever its hosted it always gets a lot of player, be soon they leave because they have finished the game. If you won't work on this Falacy, atleast work on Celestial chaos: Neo
this game looks mad cool... maybe a little more stuff for sub. but its good tell me if you need a 24/7 host
Needs more work done to the game. Other than that its a success!
this game is epic from other games should always keep it online if updated yes:)
Why do I never see anyone play?
Years later, and still no luck with it. Falacy might think it's a waste of a game, but it really is amazing. He had the source at one time, and someone picked it up and it was going well.... but then who know. Love this game.
I love this game first it was hard at the beginning but since my char was a elf summoner I could summons fairies to heal me and my Partner.I wish more people would get on so I would have some real people to help me.
I like it
Fantastic game, i played it in single.
I want to play it in multiplayeer :'(
Please I want a good Host , thanks

Falacy, I love your games :)
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