Celestial Chaos 2

by Falacy
Celestial Chaos 2
Classic turn based RPG with an actual story (Unfinished)
Ah! I forget: When i tell you : A good host, i mean a host without " Connecting to byond://XX.XXX.X.XX:XXXX...failed"
So how exactly do you host a game for people to play?
Its really great ,man, I beg you to finish it
Falacy their is a bug in the game. I am life sub and when i try to change my font color it doesn't work i tryed putting it with # and without # i got the codes from the color list too. Can you fix the bug and add some more sub bonuses as well if you have time?
He's not working on this game anymore .-.
The preview first battle I can move around in the fight.
I want to buy the game, and what happened. The server was up a few hours ago... Q.Q Dont tell me hosting is over.
I host this game 24/7 :) I have been hosting for a very long time haha
I never seen u in the game when I play.
I cannot be on every BYOND game at once. o.o
Im jus saying, no matter when I seem to check. Never see people on. Also do you know how to contact the owner of the game?
You cannot contact Falacy. He usually does not reply.
I like this game. Rate 9 Minor Glitches,But still fun
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