Tomb Explorer

by Foomer
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The ultimate goal of the game is to find the golden treasure chest at the end of each level. But before you can achieve that goal, you must first make your way through the many obstacles that each level presents, including locked doors, gates, hidden stairways, spike pits, water, fire, and an assortment of devious puzzles.

This is a desktop game, and as such most levels can be played through within a few minutes. The only tool you'll need to play is the mouse, and you can click your way to victory. Sounds easy? Give it a try and find out for yourself.

You can also make your own maps by downloading the Tomb Editor.
This games worth having a crack at
Very nice game Foomer, I loved it. It gives me something to do for now on.
It's very well put together.

Even though I'm the number one player in this game I can't believe I still can't beat the sanctuary >:(
P.S: Foomer I love this game!
Part of my sadistic pleasure in this game is making maps that drive people crazy, even though they're made out of ridiculously simple puzzles. Actually I love it when I forget how to finish my own maps, or collect 100% of the treasure on them, and have to go look in the editor to figure out what I'm doing wrong. (But that only works if you have the password. :P)
xD, where is the Map Maker for this game?

There's a link at the bottom of the description on the Overview section:
MdNight wrote:
Even though I'm the number one player in this game I can't believe I still can't beat the sanctuary >:(
P.S: Foomer I love this game!

I can't even beat the tower =(
MdNight wrote:
I still can't beat the sanctuary >:(

Tiberath wrote:
I can't even beat the tower =(

I still wonder how much of this is due to people not understanding the mechanics of the game and how obstacles work and interact. Perhaps things will turn out better when there's a tutorial that covers how everything works, but that's a lot of levels to make so it'll be a while.
Great game! I can't seem to beat the competition maps unfortunately! There must be something I missed since I tried some like "Firewall" many times and do different scenarios but it just ends up I got nothing to do! :P
Only 9 levels?
Yepin Big Time wrote:
Only 9 levels?

Only 9 progressive levels. Use the map loading option to load custom-created levels, there's around 22 in all.
D4RK3 54B3R - Treasure: 1.13155e+006
These medals are too damn hard. I just played the Hidden Gems map 10 times to try and get a complete 100% run only to discover my score was actually lower than if I had passed everything.
The medals were for competitions that were hosted some time ago. D4RK3 54B3R pretty much cornered the market on those because he'd play the level to death until he knew exactly where to click and when to do it. Play the level 100 times over and you'll get much better scores. Obviously repetitive play isn't the kind of competition that I was to encourage, so I stopped holding those competitions.

And I'm aware of the score reporting problem. I'm just not sure I can fix it without messing up the score chart or resetting it.
Pit of trials is HARD...
best gaem evar.
I think it's just rude not to give credit to Chuck Sommervile. The creator of Chips Challenge. The game that was used to create this one.

Looks like a pretty cool game, though.
To be completely fair, I'm quite certain this game does not contain any code from the 1989 title. The game could very well be inspired by the game Chips Challenge, but one does not need to credit inspiration.
Excellent Desktop game!
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