Tomb Explorer

by Foomer
Tomb Explorer
A desktop puzzle/adventure game where your goal is to make your way past various obstacles and find the golden treasure before time runs out. Play to win or play for high scores! Also make your own maps with Tomb Editor.
I was like (lvl 1 - 9) "This isn't bad at all... This is so easy a monkey could work it out. Then by chance I checked the maps tab and played ruins. OMFG.
Loved the game. Wish I could blow it up in resolution so things are easier to click.
It's OK, but very very easy and gets boring fast.
It just says it failed to find the dmb
For some reason, the game always pops up in the corner where I can't do anything, not even move it.
Somewhere along the line a BYOND update altered something that changed the window's auto-centering into auto-top-lefting. You can cheat this a bit using Alt+Enter, Move, Arrow keys to move it back onto the main screen.

Unfortunately, the source code for the current version was lost so there is no way to fix this. I believe the latest version here was 40 and the latest source I have is 24. Oh well. It was only a concept game anyway.
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