Enter the lands of Trinity Ranch, the online farming community based in the Harvest Moon world. You start off as a new ranch hand, but what you do is your choice, you can farm, herd, fish, get a job, and much more as long as you use your time well.

Now Hostible by players

Awww why cant play it? :(
The game won't let me play I get a http error
I can't play this either
If anyone is wondering, I am currently re-creating this game.
I usually play on Higoten's server.
we really should try to get more people to play this used to be a blast, and it still can be...
Heres a link to a complete guide on how to play Harvest Moon: Trinity Ranch
Great game, but it seems dead. I've played for quite a while, if there were just more people it would be so much fun :)
I love this game, have been playing it for the longest time now, off and on. I just wish WildBlood updated it.
I miss everyone. Let's all come back for a reunion or something.
A reunion? Sounds awesome seeing as how the only reason I don't play anymore is no one is ever on to keep me company...
Wow havent been on in, well lets see, 6 years? Anyone still play? I miss all my golden tools and night schooling (yes I know its a no-no) and all the glitches, like putting your bed in your selling basket and not getting it back. Ah, nostalgia
its long time I do not play this game I have 23k gold I work for it in the game and I have a job in it
For any players who need help learning how to play Harvest Moon: Trinity Ranch, there is now a revamped version of The Complete Guide to Harvest Moon: Trinity Ranch on the forums. Enjoy!
Does anyone still get on or play on here anymore? This is a really fun game and more people should know about it!
I missed this game so much; I'm playing it by myself XDDDD
I doubt anyone will join me, but it's a bonus if that happens p:
Now that I think about it, I wonder who's hosting the game...? Is it the creator or some new feature of BYond or something?
In response to YellowHBPencil
YellowHBPenil wrote:

I miss this so much; I`m playing it bymyself XDDDD
I doubt anyone will join me,but its a bonus if that happens p:

Darkchrispee wrote now:

I was not know how to make Wrote but I love this Harvest Moon today no one join only me did

I would like to play this game but I dont understand how to get it to work. I've downloaded Byond and registered. But when I click the play now button or the download for this game it says firefox is unable to open this address because the protocol byond is not associated with any program...
In response to JaydedLeigh
Could you try reinstalling BYOND using this version?

Make sure that you're running the installation as an administrator (Right click > run as administrator)

Alternatively, you can join the game directly by right clicking the "Play now" link > Copy link location > Open the BYOND pager (Blue atom) > File > Open location... > Paste > OK.
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