by DarkD3vil666
Artania is an upcoming MORPG.

Artania Online

For thousand of centuries, the two nations lived in piece and harmony, those being the humans and elves. The two nations each had their own unique advantages; elves being excellent archers and humans having great strength and weapon wielding abilities. Each could help each other prosper. Over the next couple of years, things began to change. Each nation began to live in separate towns and making boundaries from each other. But that wasnít the worst of things. No, it has gone worst as time progressed.

Soon, rivalry could be felt in the air. The two nations began to fight over products such as food, water, and land for shelter. Combat began to spring up all around the land of Artania. Such fighting could not go on, thought the two kings, Pamadar and Ziath, of each nation. The two of them made a pact. The pact stated that each nation could have a part of the land and could share the food and water. The two nations werenít necessarily happy, but it sounded like a fair deal. After the pact, less and less fighting broke out and more and more peace began to come.

For several years, everything was fine. There was enough land, water, and food to feed the two nations. Sadly, that wasnít enough. The two nations wanted more. More land, more power. Soon after, more fighting began to brake out. This continued until the two leaders could not take it any longer. Each declared war on each others nations. Each nation began to collecting more and more food, building walls, and creating armies. It was time to end this rivalry once and for all.