Bleach Oblivion

by Sasuke3232
Bleach Oblivion
New game, coming soon!

Bleach Oblivion

Production Status
Missions - 5%
Mapping - 1%
Iconning - 10%
Coding - 2%

Staff & Credits
Rush aka Takashi(Sasuke3232) - Main Owner(Programming,Pixel Art,Map Design,Graphics Design,Hub Design,Skin Artist)

All Content © Rush aka Takashi(Sasuke3232)
Bleach copyright © Tite Kubo
Creative Commons License
This is a lience of
Creative Commons License
Bleach Oblivion by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

All content © 2010-2012 Takashi(Sasuke3232)

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Looks good!
Not bad.
Nice Byakurai icon... Looks somewhat familiar :p
Asakuraboy wrote:
Nice Byakurai icon... Looks somewhat familiar :p

its not lol all icons in the ss are scrapped anyway i made a sexier base lol
awesome iconing
Good icons, ugly skin
On Yut Puts note, I'd be happy to bring any interface you guys design to life or help out with designing and producing a new interface if you wanted? :p
ur doin awesome on ur game dude o.o can u show a pic of all races lined up in it?
Yut Put wrote:
Good icons, ugly skin