Chain Reaction

by Atomixkid
Chain Reaction
Construct complex or simple machines, automated computers, base defences and much more!
Can be played either single play or multiplay.
You can create your own world, create unique machines that have never been made before, experement with new methods, and stay alive.

Modes (Mix'n'match):

- - *Nanobot invasion - Spawns about 50 knanobots (try to stay alive)

- - *Flag defence - drop their flags on your flags to destroy them.
- - - - -Join teams by clicking one of their flags
- - - - -While near your flag you can walk into people to kill them
- - - - -You respawn at your flags, if you have none you loose

- - *Super bot - Nothing seems to stop it! Can you stop it?

A new super awesome thing is on the way! It's a secrate so you'll have to wait and see.
Hint: Quantum banana tree

Sigh, what happened to you atom...