Star Wars Galaxy

by SnipeDragon
The Official Continuation of Ginseng's Star Wars Galaxy.
.::Star Wars Galaxy::.

Version 1.2.0


Owner // Programmer - SnipeDragon

Owner - Ginseng


I am currently working on reviving the game. Ginseng is the original owner and I received his permission to continue the game quite some time ago, he will retain his verbs within the game should he ever choose to login.

I know that the game is buggy however I am hoping to fix those bugs and make this completely playable. I may be looking for staff soon so check the announcements on the forums.
Four years to the day? I'm sorry to see that this whole thing's been abandoned.
Well, it doesn't have to be abandoned. I DO still have it and I AM still around a bit. Anyone else interested in having this come back?

Yes, I'd be very interested in seeing this come back.
Do it!!!
I hope this comes back.
One year buddeh.