Lost Legends

by Woo
Lost Legends
Group with fellow adventurers in a cheery classic RPG world, as a valiant monster living your own legend.
Version 1.7 Released: This is a bug-fix and an upgrade to many aspects of general gameplay. Items can now be equipped or used out of battle with a simple left click. Ability descriptions are more informative.
Composer Dan Gardner has joined our Legends-building team and given us five new tunes, all of which are masterpieces.
See the forum for more details about the bug fixes and new features.
--McKathlin, 29 Mar. 2006

Version 1.6 Released: Well its been awhile since the last update, so I can't remember how many of the features are new to this update. A few I know for sure are:
* who command to see who is in the world
* 1+1/2 new dungeons (if you can find them)
* fixed some spelling mistakes
This isn't a very big expansion, but I thought I'd go ahead and release what I have.

Long ago, the evil Darklord destroyed the human civilizations with his horde of monsters. But now, some of the monsters have left him and follow the ways of the Light. As a young monster, adventurer, and hero of this world, seek the Lost Legends and their wisdom as you join the force battling for good!

Group Battles
Flexible Abilities System
Easy Click Gameplay
Many Dungeons
Numerous Different Enemies
Developed Environment

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I find that this game is very cool. how you can be a monster, learn cool skills, and get help from friends makes this game very nice.
This game apparently doesn't support lap top. I do not have a number pad so i cant do anything of change the key configuration.
I would like to host this game and revive it, i was hosting it and many joined but i wish to get the files and upgrade it, if you dont mind..
Shadowzahejihog wrote:
This game apparently doesn't support lap top. I do not have a number pad so i cant do anything of change the key configuration.

Actually, yes, it does. I don't have a numpad but pressing 5 works.
I would really love to see this game come back! :(
Whenever i try to talk to NPC's it makes me say "5" instead can you help me?
Dear fellow Adventurers,

I am so pleased to read the messages of those who have enjoyed the world of Lost Legends and have posted here! Lost Legends was a game created by me, my sister, and my brother when we were in college. All three of us still enjoy games of the classic RPG genre, with lots of secrets, discovery, and story and plenty of good natured and sometimes cheesy humor! :) If you are interested in seeing another iteration of a game like Lost Legends, feel free to contact me here or on my YouTube channel, which is named "Tyruswoo" and is a Minecraft channel.

Thank you again for your compliments and support! It would be great to stay in touch with those who also enjoy our projects! McKathlin, Shadrack, and I have sometimes discussed creating another classic RPG game, and if you are interested in sharing your thoughts with us, they would of course be appreciated!

Good luck in all your journeys and endeavors!

Your Adventuring Companion
In Doom or Destiny,
@Rolystic : You can try to make a macro for '.center' and key it to something like tab, if you need to.
In response to Zephyrshade
Thanks for your insight, Zephyrshade! That sounds like it could help for many who have had that problem!
Added screenshots for Lost Legends version 1.7.
I like the simplistic design and artwork so far :)
Thanks! I'm just getting back to my BYOND projects after several years of school. I'm excited about the new additions in BYOND since I last used it to make games!