Dragon Ball Z: Rampage

by Fat Albert
The Best Dragonball Z Game BYOND has to offer.
Link to the New Release Host Files(Updated 01/24/2016) ---> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ou3s196kzp66q1r/ ShellFilesX.zip?dl=0

This game includes...
An intense unique battle system
Different classes with different playing styles
Typically MMO Hotkeys that gamers are use to
Huge global bosses requiring the whole server to team up & fight
An original leveling/training system
A Skill tree for better character customization
A original guild system we call factions
* A Drag N Click faction house build mode
*Faction Battlegrounds- A faction mini-game were your faction team goes at war with an enemy faction team.
*Faction buyables- Your faction can purchases things like gravity machines and training dummies to help you get stronger faster
Ideas for the game: Dead bodies,blood Vote reboot (For if the game is glitched and you arn't there to fix it) More characters Examle:Piccolo,Gohan,krillen,18,Goten,Cooler,pan,cell, frieza all with there own specail transes and skill sets More maps such as The after life, The top of krinins tower HTBC (Hyper bolic time chamber) A map of namek destoryed namek A music selection verb along with a on and off button (that you will be able to use with out having to log out)A solo mode (that way people can play alone if they wanna and chat at the same time whilke being able to switch back at any time) The transes should be harder to obtain

Thats all I can think of for now. The game is very adictive and being that it is just a beta makes me think that when it is finished it will be one of the most popular PVP Dbz games on byond.
I got ya man.
Why is game down ;( ??
Main Server is Up join !! (MisterTom)
Actually there is no main server :O And your server is outdated, fail.
Alradaev, try not to be such a hothead. lol
Fine, sorry :O
Games down ='[
i can host 24/7 but when i want to download files for hosting it says 'Failed,....' <.< Fat Albert fix that please !
Tom, mind sending to me?
?!?!? what you talk strange little fella
What happened?
Fat Albert:I go 2 balls
Me: one from me
Connection Closed
Recconecting in 10 seconds
For what reason?!?!
Well, that was weird :O Anyway server back on
Game gonna be down for a few hours T.T Sorry
Hi, After realizing that 450 is that max. of the level, I was shocked. I would like to request for No cap. and can you add some more quests like some side stories? Things are running out and to fix something about snake way because it makes me kinda blinded. make the road purple. lol. Thanks.
We aren't sure about the caps yet, might take out levels and leave just stats... No need for side stories because we are planning Hidden Trainers, and some of them will be extremely hard to reach to, but meh, that might be changed, and what do you mean about the snake way? What's bugged about it? Also, no purple, it was blue in the show.
Hey Fat I want to Have the host files could you send them to my email at Jamespressley40@gmail.com Please do.
can some one host server?
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