Dattebayo(one of the translators of Bleach) decided to do a satirical translation of Bleach. The result:

Oh man, it is funny as hell. Even if you don't like anime, you should download it just to watch their expressions and how what they say fit in.

To anyone with a Bitcomet linker, here's the URL.
nigga.. haha. I love it. nigga, nigga, nigga. hahahaha. Woah. I wish more animes had translators like this.
Haha, shut the fuck up Shades. I'm tired of people throwing "nigga" or "nigger" around like it's nothing. You see, the picture was funny. But when you make a comment like that it isn't, why? Maybe because you're basically a proven racist in my eyes.

Fuk you Shades
Whoa, I didn't expect this to spark a racial debate. Please don't argue about it, that wasn't the intent of this. It would have been just as funny to me if he said "wtf craka", or something to that effect.
That ep were hilarious XD i also agree that they should have made Byakuya use that word also <.< regardless that ep was still funny.
It is racist. You just should have said "wtf."
You guys are morons.