When my icons are output into the output, they fail hard and show a minimized size. I tried this code:

winset(src, "default.child1", "style='img.icon{width:60;height:60;}';")

Code for outputting:
    Say(msg as text)
for(var/mob/M in viewers(8))
M << output("<IMG CLASS=icon SRC=\ref[usr.faceicon]><b><span style=\"color:[usr.SayFont]\">[usr] <font color=white>(</font>[usr.Grade]<font color=white>)</font> says:</b><span style=\"color:[usr.SayFont]\"><font color = white> [html_encode(msg)]","1.IC")

Code for changing the icon
Change_Face_Icon(F as file)
switch(alert(usr,"[usr]. Do you want this face icon?","Face Icon","Yes","No"))
usr.faceicon = F
alert(usr,"You have not changed your face icon!")
'style' is a property of an output control, but you seem to be applying it to a child control.
Before, it was linked to the external output which is linked to the child, still did not fix the issue.
Did you reference it through the child, or through the pane? (ie "default.child1.IC" or "1.IC")

Also, you can output directly to the viewers() list, you don't have to loop through each mob and output to it individually.

That's a terribly unhelpful control name ("1"), by the way.
It was 1.IC. Also, the reason why I output it each per mob is for the player logs which contain all the Say things.