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Cow RP has been in the works for over three years, but it has to end eventually. Just now, I began to host the finished and final version of Cow RP. There are plenty of new things to try, zero bugs, and a few slight tweaks to the character, turf, and object icons.

It's been a long run, everyone. Good luck playing, and enjoy!

April Foooools

This april fools joke will only work on cowRP players.

Jordan is such a turd.
He actually had me going for awhile. I was about to rant on the forums about it until I actually gave it some thought.
April Fool's you gullible faggots!
Zero bugs? No way. You almost got me.
god that got me going for a moment
Yammen wrote:
Jordan is such a turd.

i Agree completely
You scared me for a moment!
I have a cow rp enemy spawn you could put ( icon ) its a Water Cowelemental : 1b60e8175f34b2fe1666e82ce018c8114394287
If you see Smash if i haven't said sorry already tell him for me ok ? Thank you.
hey i really like this game can i get host files for it
Speaking of Cow RP... Is it EVER HOSTED ANYMORE?!
I wish. I used to play Cow RP with my old account. T.T
Was gonna say.You cannot say there is zero bugs.XD There is always a bug in EVERYSIN
GlE game.