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Where'd that Digest thing go?
The attentive reader might take note of the fact that this update is a wee bit late. After initially going with a release cycle of once a week for the digest, it quickly became apparent that in order to continue writing digests with meaningful content, we'd have to cut down the amount of releases significantly.

And so we've moved to a monthly posting schedule now, which will hopefully mean more user- and editor-written content, more interesting things to read about and similar. I'd like to take a moment, on that note, to again remind everyone that they're more than welcome to write me if they think something is interesting enough to be mentioned in the digest.

If you've found something cool and relevant to BYOND or gaming/game development, toss me a link! Even if that link happens to be a shameless plug to your own hub entry, I'll definitely check it out. To reach me write to .

Catching up
So whats been happening around BYOND since the last digest? Well, a few cool things!

About a week after the last digest, hub entries recieved an overhaul. They're now split into tabs, allowing you an easier overview and more room for upcoming features. While we're generally happy with the current version of that layout, constructive suggestions are always welcome.

Shortly after that, medals and achievements were added! These allow games to track scores for a hub entry and award medals to their players, which can be seen by everyone else. Here is a link to an article explaining how to use the new DM procedures to work with scores and medals. Have you gotten all of the medals in PlunderGnome yet? What are you waiting for, its being hosted 24/7 at the moment!

The new additions don't stop there. We've taken into account some long-term requests, to be able to comment on a game without the hassle of having to be formal and thorough in review-form. The result is the added ability to discuss a game. This happens under the new 'Discuss' tab, that has replaced the 'Reviews' tab. The News post Graffiti for all has more information on the specifics of what that means.

April Fools
Most of us love checking out the various april fools going on the 1st of April around on the internet. But I'd like to hear what cool things you found. Instead of listing the various things I discovered, I'll let everyone comment on what their favorite places did for april fools ;) If you've got links to pages that still have a working copy of it, then by all means post it.

Some of us are also savvey enough to do our own pranks on friends and neighbors; did you do something that went really well? Or did you get pranked bigtime? Tell us about it!

Personally, I'm looking forward to playing Lummox JR's new game!

Taking a look around
So browsing through BYOND Action, I found a thread that talks about Left4Dead on BYOND. Now I know I really enjoy the game by Valve, so I wonder what sort of gameplay Magicbeast20's creation offers! Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be hosted right now, although people are waiting to play!

Maggeh recently posted a submission to BYOND Anime about JoJo's Bizzare Adventure. And if you're into anime, its definitely worth checking out; bizzare certainly fits the series well!

Nadrew has seemingly taken over the BYOND classic, My Life As A Spy (by SkySaw), which means the game might be seeing updates and hosting again!
Here's the blog post where he talks about it.

Alathon is a community manager at BYOND as well as Moderator on the developer forums. When he isn't busy working on his game or scouring the BYONDosphere for cool things to write about, he spends his time in 'sunny' Copenhagen, Denmark trying to scrounge up a living by being part-time Superman and full-time movie production assistant.

If you've got interesting topics or comments on the Digest, you're always welcome to write him at
Could I get a list of April Fools jokes that were present? Unfortunately, I was preoccupied entirely on April 1st, and was unable to browse the site.
I was to afraid to go on my computer April Fools day with the worm. I wasn't online all that day.
Android Data wrote:
Could I get a list of April Fools jokes that were present? Unfortunately, I was preoccupied entirely on April 1st, and was unable to browse the site.

Look at the RayAnimatorBETA post on both my blog and the Bandwagon blog (mine is just a link to the bandwagon post). Then Lummox also made a post about liking DBZ (lol), and if you include large scale sites, youtube flipped their pages upside down and claimed that they were bought by Levar Burton or something.
Monthly updates sound more reasonable since you'd have more to talk about.

April Fools was good, got some people, some people got me. I heard of an April Fools virus, but it turned out to be a hoax(I think).
Flame Guardian wrote:
but it turned out to be a hoax(I think).

That's what they all think. >:D

I heard from Tahoe that microsoft was going to put out a big reward for whoever caught those people, but if its a hoax it might as well work as a reward for catching pranksters who caused an uproar and made microsoft fret about updating programs to protect against it.
I was kinda hoping that that Conflicker virus was going to turn out to be the worlds biggest rickroll. Would have been amazing.
The virus exists, and it did do what it was going to do on the 1st, it's just that what it was going to do wasn't what people were worried it would do.

The virus did update itself (which was expected to happen), but its payload (the nasty bit) hasn't yet been activated.
I wasn't worried about the virus very much, I thought about not playing that day but I did xD

Nothing happened so I guess so far all is good.
Ace_NT wrote:
I wasn't worried about the virus very much, I thought about not playing that day but I did xD

Nothing happened so I guess so far all is good.

I never normaly go on April 1st.
I turned off all my firewalls and shut down my virus scanner and left my computer on during April 1st, just to play an April fools joke on a friend of mine who was being paranoid that day.

She shut down her computer a couple hours before midnight the night before just in case, so I blocked her on messenger and waited until late April 1st to unblock her and tell her that I got a virus and it killed my computer completely so that I had to replace the hard drive before it would work again.

Sad part is that she believed me, so I called her a silly blonde, since I'd been on facebook all day leaving comments on a picture she's tagged in.
On April 1st there was a virus that wouldn't let me get byond's latest version on my laptop but it was a hoax(I think)
You spelled "savvy" wrong. ;)
anyone know how to promote your game?
i downloaded this new version of byond and now i cant play any games now it's not the fire wall and i never had a pager aswell it's saying that byond central is not accessable idk what to do any input to asist would be much apreciated thank u.
i was on byond i clicked on a game conenction failed i clicked on the game i hated THATS THE ONYL GAME THAT WOULD WORK!
only i mean
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